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September 2016

Please note Mrs Chromey is now an official Merit Badge counselor for the following merit badges:

Scholarship, Reading, American Heritage, Genealogy, Personal Fitness and all three Eagle required Citizenship merit badges; Community, Nation and World. You may contact her via email or phone 973-464-4272

Mrs Kozlowski is an official Merit Badge counselor for the Personal Management merit badge (also Eagle required). You may contact her at  or by phone at (609) 206-4926 


Remember if you are interested in obtaining a merit badge you must follow these steps:

  1. Research the badge requirements on-line (www.merit or  from a merit badge book in our library to see if you can meet the requirements.
  2. Announce to the troop if any other scout is interested in earning the merit badge with you. (This helps the counselor meet Youth Protection Requirements and helps your fellow scouts advance as well)
  3. Obtain a "Blue Card" from your scoutmaster and fill in the personal, merit badge, and troop information.
  4.  Obtain your scoutmaster's signature to proceed and ask him for a merit badge counselor if you don't already know of one.
  5. Sign out the Merit badge book from our library. If we do not have the book you may buy it from the scout shop and the troop will reimburse you. We will then add this book to our library once you are done with it.
  6. Meet with your counselor to complete the requirements.
  7. Upon completion the counselor should sign all 3 parts of your blue card and keep the counselor section.
  8. Present the other 2  completed sections of your blue card to your scoutmaster for his final signature.*
  9. Present the completed blue card to the troop Advancement Chair, (Mrs Skelly) for on-line registration.
Once registered, the Advancement Chair will notify the scoutmaster and provide a report necessary to purchase the actual badge. Badges are then purchased by the troop and presented at the next Troop Meeting. 
*Note: The Scoutmaster has the final say on a scout meeting all of the requirements for a merit badge. For example, if a counselor has signed off on a badge without a scout meeting all of the requirements the scoutmaster may require them.   



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