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This page is for  the Troop Historian.  It has his reports below.

Year in Review 2016-2017


·Mr. Konnerth’s Property Camping Trip

o    Moved dirt with Mr. Skelly’s excavator / Kubota and collected wood for North Haledon

·North Haledon Day

o    Built Tower and slide - sold pulled pork - Thanks to Mr. Ploch for his excellent cooking

·Max’s Eagle Project

o    Painted the shed and wall, cleaned statue, replaced fencing and cleaned up "yard" at Church of the Good Shepherd / William Paterson University


·Zomberee at Nobebosco

o    Did archery, learned animal tracks, threw tomahawks, had to do a rescue mission and build a stretcher. Upon arrival, supplies were collected for points towards the zombie challenge for a parole prize. Had to survive the zombie apocalypse. Did team building exercises, build a shelter, put a head (basketball) in a basket without touching it.


·Battle Ship NJ.

o    At the Battle Ship, we slept in the bunks that the sailors slept in, took an informative tour of the ship where we learned about the function of each part of the ship and got to see the gun turrets and the way they loaded missals through a system of elevators. Sunday morning, we took a self-guided tour through the bridge and around the ship. We saw the captain's quarters and got a firsthand look at the ship’s weapons.


·Clam Chowder

o    The annual selling of Clam Chowder took place in the freezing cold  - A big thanks to Mr. Ploch for his awesome leadership with the Manhattan and New England clam chowders

o    Scouts met at Buehlers a couple nights before to prepare the ingredients

·Christmas Party

o    Had our Christmas party at Buehler’s - Lots of jolly fun was had by all!


·Klondike Derby

o    We attended the annual Klondike derby where we built a sled with lights and speakers.

o    Our troop won the award for the best sled.

o    The theme of the Klondike was “Fourth of July at the Jersey Shore"


·Forestberg Freezeree

o    Got to see an iced over water fall and a silent snowfall in the woods.

o    Went sledding on the hill and had a snowball fight with another troop.


·West Point camping trip snowed out

o    We still went for the tour and got to see the chapel and grounds of the academy.

o    Toured the museum and got to see relics from the  military and from the academy’s history.


·Connor’s Eagle Ceremony

o    It was another awesome Eagle Court of Honor with many in attendance

o    Mr. Dvorak did a great job filling in for Mr. Konnerth!

o    Thanks to all who participated

·Greenwood Lake

o    Greenwood Lake trip and paddle to Mr. and Mrs. Jeter’s house.


·First ever car wash fundraiser

o    It was a big success and a lot of fun

·Mikey’s Eagle Ceremony

o    It was held at the VFW and again was a great success!  Thanks to all who attended.

·The troop led the annual Breakfast on High Mountain hike

o    No one got lost this year!

·State Police Camporee

o    Scouts learned lots about STEM and had an overall great trip!


·End of the year party

o    The end of the year party was held at Buehler’s where we went out on canoes and grilled hamburgers and hot dog on the beach.


·Summer Camp at Turrell

o    Scouts had a great time and earned many merit badges during the week long summer camp program

·Max’s Eagle Ceremony

o    The final Eagle Court of Honor for the Magnificent 7 was held and Max was presented with his Eagle rank during another great ceremony

State Police Camporee May 2017

The 5th Annual New Jersey State Police camporee was held from May 19th to May 21st in Sea Girt, New Jersey. A total of nineteen Scouts from the troop attended, accompanied by several leaders. Although the ride down took seemingly forever, once we arrived it all paid off. The initial setup was quick and painless thanks to the helpful efforts of Mr. Skelly, Max, Mr. Josephs, and Mikey. After setting up camp, the troop tried to go to sleep, but the bright light set up right outside of our campsite kept everyone awake past 11. After talk of taking matters into our own hands, the state troopers finally shut the light off and we said our goodnights.

Low and behold, as soon as we finally settled in for the night, the wind came to life. About halfway through the night, people began waking up. Several scouts assumed they were being woken up for the next day and yelled out ‘Relax I’m getting ready!’ only to realize that the tents were folding in because of the wind instead. Despite this, the scouts woke bright and early to be able to enjoy all the activities offered. The patrols split up and went through all the activities offered, including helicopter demonstrations, vehicle displays, and STEM activities. A few scouts came together before the trip and put together a special project to be put on display. Although they didn’t win, their efforts were appreciated as the display was reported to be the most popular. Several scouts completed all the STEM activities for a special patch. However, by the time they had done all the activities, all the patches were gone. The ‘concert’ was the ‘highlight’ of the evening. When everyone returned to the campsite, it was lights out after eating dinner and cleaning up most of the camp.

The next morning, we finished our clean up and everyone hit the road. Everyone arrived at different times and we did our closing ceremony at Buehler’s.

Pine Barrens Canoeing April 2016

April's trip, this year, was to the Pine Barrens. We camped out in tents on the river when we arrived on Friday. Early the next morning we cooked french toast, hash browns, and bacon. At around 10:00 the bus picked us up and took us up river with the canoes. The river was really cool and there was a red tint to it because of the iron. After stopping to eat a cold* lunch we continued down the river and arrived back at camp. For dinner we cooked steak, burgers, and for the first time in ages, VEGETABLES. This was also the first camp out for the new scouts.  We had a good sized fire and left early the next morning. Thank you to all the adult leaders for coming and spending the weekend helping the troop and I hope all the new scouts had a good time!

Ten Mile River February 2016



Ten mile river was our freezere trip this year and was not very cold at all. When we arrived on Friday  we unpacked and ate dinner, not much else. On Saturday we made egg sandwiches for breakfast and walked around the camp a little bit. Just before lunch we all went on a hike. The hike was really interesting and some of the younger boys learned how to orienteer a map (Yes, Mr. Josephs, here's your credit :-) There was a really cool swamp that we went through, and all the groundwater was frozen. About another mile up the trail, the leaders decided to challenge us with building a shelter in 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun and I would do more challenges like it on future trips. The rest of the hike was really cool because of the rapid scenery changes around every bend. When we got back, we unpacked our gear, ate sandwiches for lunch, and collected wood for a fire. We didn’t go on the ice because we weren't aloud...  When it started to get dark we ate hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. The adults cooked over the coals of a small fire which, after, got quite big. The coal pile left by this fire was 2 feet high and 5 feet in circumference but, did not satisfy Mr. Skelly. It was a really nice cabin with heat, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and even hot water. This was one of my personal favorite camping trips to date. ages, and other content

Summer camp July 2015

We got to turrel on Sunday and we unpacked and setup camp. We checked in and were supposed to check in but we couldn't because of thunder. We had to watch the staff skits in the mess hall because of rain. The week went by fast. We all had allot of fun. The awards and campfire was moved to thursday because of rain predicted for friday. Our skit was very funnyand everyone loved it. The other skits were great to. Po, rigo, stearling and I got our awards for polar bear swim. I also got an award for winning robin hood. Mr. k, Grant and I tied with troop 25 for first is the dynamic trio shoot. On friday we did the iron man and water carnivial. We didn't do to great in the iron man but we did good in the water carnvial. We went undifeated in tug of war. Even though it rained  couple times we still had lots of fun. 

February Ten Mile River Freezeree

Coyotes and lake falling in.

January Camp Turrel Camping

In January we went to turrel. We stay on cots in the staff cabin. The first night was very cold and it was even colder in the cabin. We finally got it warm in there. The next day we all got up made breakfast and then all went down to the lake. We went ice fishing, sleding, golfing, and bowling. Mikey went snowboreding on the lake. We pulled him all over the lake and he attemped to use the dock as a ramp but instead face planted. Then we all went back up to the cabin and made dinner. The next day we all packed up and went home.

December Holiday Party + Dirty Santa
We eat food and then play dirty santa. In dirty santa each person brings a gift, all the gifts are put in the center and then we each pick a number out of a hat. Then we go in order and pick a gift out of the pile and unwrap it. The next rounds we pick a number out of a hat , then you have to say the gift and person who has it to trade with them. If you say the wrong gift then you cant trade. It has always been lots of fun.
December Clam Chowder Fundraiser
We sold clam cowder made by the troop. We sold it in front of firehouse two. We use the profits for camping trips and other fundrasies.
November Veterans Day Ceremony


October Haunted House 

In October we had our annual Haunted house fundraiser. It was a great success as it is every year. The money from the Haunted House is used to pay for trips.This year we decided to do a theme of a haunted hotel. Mr. Skelly is always in charge. Mr.Skelly has done the haunted house for the cub scouts before this. This year our Hotel consisted of several rooms. The first room of course was the lobby. Billy and i worked that room Friday and Saturday night. the consisted of a counter, a chair for me and an elevator. Mr.Skelly propelled the elevator by truck airbags that he got from work which worked magnificently. The next room had two doors one of which did not open and Liam was in there scaring people. The next room was the kitchen  which had a blender and a few other kitchen items with body parts in them. The next room had a wall that was pushed closer so that you would gain the feeling of being crushed. There were several rooms  as well.We had drinks, Hot dogs, Hamburgers and fries to eat. Over all the Haunted Hotel was a great successand i would like to thank Mr.Skelly and all of his hard work and all of the other scouts that were there to help.        -Andrew

October Shoe Box Camping in Parksville

North Haledon Day Fundraiser

On friday night before North Haledon day we went to our site and set up our monkey bridge. The bridge was made of  rope and trees. We had made and lashed  all of the knots on the bridge. We also sold pulled pork , Ribs and fries made by Mr.Ploch. At the end of the day on saterday  there was talk about a hurricane , later we got hit with some driving rain and wind. North Haledon Was not over , we still had alot of activties to do but they were cancled and they had the fireworks the next day. Over all we made alot of money thanks too Mr.Ploch and we all had a lot of fun and hope to do it again next year.

-Andrew Farrow

Super Bowl Weekend Ten Mile River Freezeree

Hey everybody. I'm Just going to recap everything that we did this weekend at our freezeree.  This weekend we had an awesome trip where we went up to Ten Mile River Scout Camp and had our annual winter Freezeree. This year for the first time since I've been in the troop there was NO snow at the Freezeree :O which resulted in a rather warm Freezeree. Either way it was a great trip. We ended up getting one big cabin that the entire troop was able to fit in and we didn't need to split up into patrols as was planned. This was good because we were able to all be together and it just made life easier than if we had been split like last year. The cabin was awesome which is what made this trip particularly fun. We had almost a full kitchen with a stove, oven, sink and refrigerator and even a full working bathroom, which is unusual for a camping trip. It was also big enough for us to all fit in and be comfortable. Friday night when we got there we just set up camp in the cabin and everyone just chilled out. Then the next morning we woke up bright and early to eat breakfast and then go on a nice hike around the area that was lead by our very own Joey Kiefer. We were also lucky enough to get some time to play football in the field next to the cabin which was another plus of the cabin. This is unusual for a Freezeree because there is normally massive amounts of snow everywhere allowing for some fun winter activities like ice fishing and sledding. We also performed ,what I saw as an extremely successful and respectful flag retirement ceremony where we properly disposed of a flag that no longer could stand as a good symbol of this Great country. Then we all made our dinners and sat around the campfire. Over all it was a very fun and successful camping trip. Another thing I would like to point out is that everyone performed extremely well in our patrols and as a unit. We got off to a rough start at Buehlars Friday night with the quartermaster problems but other than that it was a smooth weekend. I also think for the most part that everyone did learn something from the talk we had in our last meeting about respect and what it is to be a scout and i definitely noticed some change in attitude. Over all good job and thank you to everyone that went and to those who didn't hope to see you next time. 


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