Troop 170's Homepage

Wolverines Duty Roster

Fri Night- Cook-Buger King     Clean-Yourself

Sat Morn-Cook- Max, Connor    Clean- Patrick, Andrew , Justin

Sat Afternoon-Cook-Yourself      Clean- Yourself

Sat Evening-Cook -Andrew, Justin, Patrick     Clean- Max , Connor

Sun Breakfast-Cook- Yourself          Clean- Yourself

Wolverines Patrol Menu

Friday Dinner-  Buger King

Saturday Breakfast- Spam, Dozen Eggs, Butter , Jam , Attempt toast

Sat. Lunch- Spamwhich (sandwhich)

Sat. Dinner- Mac & Cheese, Hot Dogs

Sunday Breakfast- Ceral, Ice Cream Sundee Pop Tarts

 Tomahawaks Duty Roster

Friday Dinner- Buger King

Saturday- Cook - Austin, Liam, Grant - Clean- Pickle,Joey,Rigo

Sunday Breakfast- Prep- Pickle, Joey, Rigo - Clean- Liam Grant Austin

Toilets- Pickle

Tomahawks Patrol Menu

Fri Dinner-  Buger King

Sat Breakfast-  Spam, Egg, Cheese , Ketchup, rolls

Sat Lunch-  Coldcuts, mayo, Ketchup, mustard

Sat Dinner- Hobo packs

Sun Breakfast- Captian Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Friut Loops , Cinnoman Toast Crunch

 One Patrol Menu

Friday Dinner-  Bring your own

Sat Bkfst - Spam egg and Cheese on roll

Sat Lunch- Sandwhiches ( turckey, ham, american cheese )

Sat Dinner - Pasta and Ziti with Meatballs and Fruit Punch

Sun Bkfst-Cereal , Fruit , milk , OJ